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Royal Holloway University of London
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A dairy intolerant veggie, I love to cook and create recipes that are cheap, quick, and healthy when possible! Eating and living well despite my student budget is my number one priority
Vegetable Stir Fry with Noodles
15 mins
Serves 1
This vegetable stir fry includes Carrot, Pepper and Broccoli, but you can use swap any of them out with whatever vegetables you want.
Mushroom and Herb Omelette
10 mins
Serves 1
Breakfast, Lunch, Brunch or a light dinner - Omelettes are a student favourite! You can use whatever type of mushrooms you want in this recipe - or whatever is cheapest.
Stir-fried Mushroom Rice Bowl
30 mins
Serves 2
A hearty meal with plenty of vegetarian protein, and at least two of your five a day!
Roasted Vegetable Pasta
35 mins
Serves 1
Comfort food which is actually healthy!
Tuna Pasta Bake
40 mins
4 portions
A student staple for a reason, this meal is cheap, easy to prepare, and super tasty!
Vegetable Stew
1 hour
Serves 3 - 5
Filling, healthy, and cheap, add whatever leftover veg you have. You can make a great batch of this frugal and hearty stew, freeze individual portions, and reheat when you’re running low on supplies.
Leek and Mushroom Tart
20 mins
Serves 1
Super easy to make, impressive to look at, and really tasty; this can be served as a lunch or dinner depending on portion size!
Breakfast Smoothie
2 mins
Serves 1
Enough fruit, caffeine, and sugar to keep you going- all whizzed up in under two minutes!
Pitta Bread Pizzas
10 mins
Serves 1
Healthier and cheaper than a takeaway pizza, these make for a quick lunch or dinner. Follow the recipe for my favourite vegetarian flavours or use whatever toppings you like!
Spinach and Chickpea Curry
20 Mins
Serves 2
Great on top of fluffy white rice or with a naan bread, this vegan recipe uses only canned and frozen ingredients which are cheap and keep for ages.
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