Essential Ingredients to Keep in Your Uni Kitchen
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Alex Harvey
August 29, 2017
There’s a few basic ingredients which you’re going to need regularly if you start cooking your own food. Here’s our list of things to keep on hand for when you next need to cook:

Chopped tomatoes

Grab a couple of tins next time you’re at the supermarket. They can be used in loads of recipes, including this sausage casserole or this spicy chicken curry.

Stock Cubes

Quickly adds flavour to meals. Keep a packet of these in your cupboard to throw into sauces or soups.


Used as the base for loads of different recipes. If you hate chopping onions, you could use spring onions in many recipes instead since they’re much easier (and quicker) to chop.


It’s cheap, tasty and filling. Keep some pasta in the cupboard and use it to make this pasta bake or this roasted tomato and courgette pasta

Baked Beans

Great for super quick meals. There’s a reason they’re a stereotypical student food.

Cooking Oil

You’re going to need this for making a lot of different meals. Get a big bottle to keep in the cupboard.


Cook a portion of rice to go with a curry dish like this spinach and chickpea curry

Hot Sauce

Use this to spice up plain food quickly. If you like spicy food, you’re going to want to keep a bottle on hand.

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