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5 Comfort Food Favourites to Make if You're Missing Home

Locked down on campus and missing home? Here are some comfort food favourites to help you feel warm and cosy.
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Alex Harvey
November 1, 2020

Melty pepperoni pasta bake

Pizza and pasta, all rolled into one. This delicious (and totally student-proof) pepperoni pasta bake is so easy to make.

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Spicy sausage and tomato risotto

This creamy risotto is the ultimate comfort food. Is also nice and spicy too.

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Roast potatoes

This is the easiest recipe for roast potatoes you'll find. It's totally student-proof. Crispy on the outside, fluffy in the middle. Perfect to accompany a delicious roast dinner.

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Simple cheesy garlic pasta

Basic ingredients and comforting flavours. You'll probably have all these ingredients in the cupboard, so it's perfect to make quickly after a busy day.

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Chocolate chip cookies

Warm chocolate chip cookies are a classic comfort food treat. This recipe is perfect for students - but you might want to double the recipe since your housemates will all want one (or five) once they smell them baking.

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