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Ways for Students to Save Money at Supermarkets in 2018

You finish your shopping, scan everything through the checkout and wait nervously for the moment of truth when the total comes up on the screen. If you’re spending too much on getting food at the supermarket, here are some ways to knock a few pounds of the total.


Use Unidays Codes - Save money at Iceland, GoNutrition and more

Unidays is a student money saving website which regularly features discounts and deals specifically for students. Currently they have voucher codes available to save 10% off online shopping at Iceland, as well as discounts for nutrition and protein websites.

Go to Discount Supermarkets - Lidl, Aldi

You can end up saving a load of money by heading to a discount supermarket such as Lidl or Aldi instead of your regular store. It might be worth trying them out if you’re looking to save a few pounds.

Get a NUS Extra Card - Save money at Coop Food

NUS offer a discount card which gives you savings on loads of stores, but the key thing to take advantage of is the 10% discount for Coop food. Although their stores are sometimes a bit smaller than regular supermarkets, they have all the essentials you’ll need.

Try a Coupon Extension - Save money shopping online

Although not restricted specifically for students, browser extensions such as Pouch and Honey are great ways to find out how to save money when shopping online. They’ll provide you with a list of available coupons whenever you visit a site, meaning you’ll always get the best price.

Pick Up All The Loyalty Cards

If you regularly shop at the same store, it might be worth grabbing hold of a loyalty card. Schemes such as Nectar, Clubcard, Coop card and Morrisons More allow you to earn point every time you go shopping. These points can then be exchanged for savings on future shopping or other redeemable products. If you’re a regular shopper it might be worth trying it out.

Keep An Eye on Student Money Saving Websites

There are a few really great websites which students can use to keep track of the latest ways they can save money. In addition to Unidays which we’ve already mentioned, Save The Student, Student Money Saver and Student Beans are all great sites to take a look at.

Give these a go and maybe you’ll be able to save a few pounds. Can you think of any other ways for students to save money at the supermarket? Tweet us @studentfooduk

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