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Here’s How To Stop Your Flatmates Stealing Your Food

Ever get home from lectures to find your food missing from your fridge? Maybe you keep finding empty cartons and suspicious bites taken out of things? Here are some ideas to help you protect your food from your thieving housemates.
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Alex Harvey
October 11, 2018

Write Your Name on EVERYTHING

It might seem obvious, but it's a good place to start. Buy yourself a chunky marker pen and start writing your name on everything you put in the fridge and cupboards.

Wrap Food in a Plastic Bag

A great way to deter people from snacking on your food is to wrap everything up in a plastic bag before you put it in the fridge. Just by making it less obvious what's inside is sometimes enough to deter people from stealing. If your thief is a lazy person, they aren't going to bother looking inside.

Hide Food in Unlikely Places

Find some sneaky hiding places around your kitchen to store your favourite treats. You could try using some decoy containers or hiding things in your room instead.

Store Food In Locked Containers

This one's a bit extreme, but you can actually buy lockable food storage containers to put in your fridge.

Send Videos of You Licking Your Food to Your Group Chat

Pretty self explanatory. This might make them think twice next time they're snooping around your ingredients.

Add Lots of Chilli Powder

If you've tried everything and your thief is still at large you could always leave out an extra special treat for them, and use some chilli powder or hot sauce to give it an extra kick. It might be enough to put them off next time.

What are your suggestions for preventing housemates from stealing your food? Tweet us your ideas @studentfooduk

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