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Cooking Fish Doesn't Have to Be Expensive

Students sometimes think that fish is too expensive and end up not cooking it, but there are a few different hacks you can use to save a bit of money:
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Alex Harvey
October 25, 2018

1  Buy frozen

Buying frozen fish is usually significantly cheaper than getting it fresh. It also means you can store it for much longer and you don't need to cook it all at once.

2  Go local

Going to local store is sometimes cheaper than mainstream supermarkets. We're based in Portsmouth which has plenty of places to go to get fresh seafood  - which can be extremely cost effective. If you're at a coastal uni, it might be worth exploring.

3  Look for offers

Keep your eyes out for special offers on seafood. It's a great excuse to try something new. If you aren't sure how to cook certain types of fish, take a look at our recipe archive or do a quick Google search for inspiration.

Have you got any other student money saving suggestions? We're always open to hearing them on twitter. You can find us @studentfooduk.

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