9 TikToks that perfectly represent student cooking
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Alex Harvey
February 2, 2020
Students are really out here cooking up some disasters, and these tiktoks sum it up perfectly.

Student cooking is hard. Your kitchen is probably dirty, your flatmates are probably stealing your food, and you probably don't have a huge amount of cooking experience. These hilarious tiktoks really do show student cooking at it's worst, but it's only up from here, right?

Surely people don't actually eat this?

When the only food left in your kitchen is in the toaster tray

When you share a fridge with your flatmates

Eating food after it's best before date because you like to live on the edge

Who else's kitchen looks like this?

Ok this one actually looks nice though

Why you gotta block the drain?

Gordon Ramsey would be proud

And finally, when this is all you can afford

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