8 Student Foodies You Need to Follow on Instagram
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Alex Harvey
September 11, 2017
What’s Instagram for if not for scrolling through photos of delicious food? Here’s some of our favourite accounts who post about student cooking.

(Many of these people post their recipes to The Student Food Project as part of our new contributors programme - find out more about getting involved)

Alice - pescatarianstudent

@pescatarianstudent / Instagram

Jae - jaejae_eats

@jaejae_eats / Instagram

Vaish - kindahealthystudent

@kindahealthystudent / Instagram

Amy - iprefercooking

@iprefercooking / Instagram

Ollie - otcooks_eats

@otcooks_eats / Instagram

George - that2vguy

@that2vguy / Instagram

Issy - theskintstudent

@theskintstudent / Instagram

Callum - callumpie_ox

@callumpie_ox / Instagram
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