3 Spices to Up Your Cooking Game
We get it. You’re a student. You probably aren’t going to have a huge cupboard packed full of different spices in your kitchen. So here’s our list of the 3 most essential spices to keep in your kitchen to upgrade your cooking:

1. Smoked Paprika

Get your hands on some ground paprika and start adding it to fajitas, chicken rubs and tomato sauces. That perfect smoky flavour will take your cooking to the next level. It’s also a great way to boost boring baked beans.

2. Ground Cumin

This is absolutely essential for getting that fragrant curry flavour when you’re cooking indian food. It’s used in absolutely loads of our student recipes which you take a look at right here.

3. Ground Cinnamon

There’s nothing like that cinnamon flavour to get you in the autumn mood. It adds an extra something to porridge and smoothies, and it’s also great to keep handy if you’re going to be doing any baking.

The total cost of buying these three spices at UK supermarkets is only about £2.50 (based on Tesco). Worth it for some seriously tasty food!

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