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3 Herbs to Up Your Cooking Game

We get it. You’re a student. You probably aren’t going to have a huge herb garden of different ingredients readily available. You also probably aren’t about to race to the supermarket and buy 26 different packets of herbs and spices. So here’s our list of the 3 most essential herbs to keep in your kitchen to upgrade your cooking:

1. Oregano

This is a great herb to have handy. Basically this will be an awesome addition to anything with lots of tomatoes and/or vegetables. Use it to make your own tomato pasta sauce or pizza topping at home (it’s cheaper than a jar!).

2. Coriander

You’re definitely going to want to buy some ground coriander for cooking curries, adding to chilli and using in spice rubs for chicken or fish.

3. Thyme or Rosemary

Having some thyme or rosemary in the cupboard is a good idea if you’re planning on roasting something like meat or vegetables. Also good for adding extra herby flavour to soups and stews.

The total cost of buying these three herbs at UK supermarkets is less than £2.50 (based on Tesco). Worth it for some seriously tasty food!

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