About: Price Estimations
One of the new features on our website which you’ll be able to use is a cost estimation for every recipe. Here’s some information to help you understand how we calculate the prices:

Based on Supermarkets

We calculate our price estimations based on the prices of ingredients at most UK supermarkets. We regularly re-assess the costs to ensure that our estimates are accurate and up to date (but we don’t include special offers and short-term price reductions).

Price per Portion

The number you see on the recipe page is the cost of the meal with the number of servings shown on the recipe. When the recipe is for more than one serving, you'll need to divide the cost down to work out how much it is per portion.

When the ingredients product comes in a larger quantity than required for the recipe, we divide the cost. This means that when you buy the ingredients you may pay a bit more than what we’ve estimated and have some extra leftovers (which you can use for another meal).

Kitchen Essentials

We assume you have some of the basics in your kitchen already — so we don’t include the cost of cooking oil, salt and pepper. Everything else in the ingredients list will be added to the total.

Give Feedback

Prices are estimates and only for guidance. If you don’t think we’ve got it right, we'd love it if you could let us know.