New:  Student Recipe Kits
The better way to provide food for students in lockdown.
A recipe kit contains all the ingredients a student needs to make a quick and easy meal. Every kit comes with step by step instructions, and even a tutorial video.

It's perfect for students who are self-isolating or in lockdown, and it's miles better than a food parcel.
We're now starting to launch on-campus trials of our recipe kits in partnership with select universities and unions. Get in touch now to find out how your university or union can participate →
Recipe Kits
Uni Food Parcels
Everything a student needs to make a delicious meal, in exactly the right portions.
Random assortment of ingredients which are hard to turn into meals.
Totally outsourced - we take care of all the logistics and delivery for you.
Requires significant resource to co-ordinate and distribute food parcels.
Ingredients sourced from a variety of trusted food suppliers and wholesalers for more reliable service to students.
Often sourced from directly from supermarkets, making it hard to maintain consistency and reliability.
With same-day delivery for orders, students can conveniently access food when they want it.
Distributed in bulk at certain points throughout the week/month, meaning food isn't always available when needed.

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Reasons to love recipe kits

Quick and easy recipes

No subscription required

Recipes tested by students

Student-friendly pricing

Sustainable packaging

Helping to reduce food waste

Free delivery or collection on-campus

New recipe choices every week